For the Kids: A Universe of Stories

In the summer of 2019, 16,000 libraries across the country will celebrate space exploration in their summer reading programs. The slogan “A Universe of Stories” was chosen by library professionals to help inspire children of all ages to dream big, believe in themselves, and create their own story. This summer learning program will coincide with NASA’s 60 years of achievement and its celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

  • See the Apollo Exhibit with the largest collection of Lunar Modules, artifacts and images. 
  • Experience Mars with our SPACE: A Journey to our Future Exhibit
  • Watch the Apollo 11: First Steps Edition IMAX in our giant screen immersive Dome Theater
  • Join us for Moon Fest on July 20th,  to meet astronauts, experience the moon in virtual reality, and take a ride in a Moon Buggy. 
  • Countdown with us in our lobby as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Man Landing on the Moon .
  • Talk to our Docents who helped build the spaceship that landed on moon
  • Learn how Long Islanders designed, built and tested the Lunar Modules that brought men to the moon and back. 
  • Share the story of Apollo: vision, teamwork, commitment, perseverance, and grit; universal pride and optimism.