Tom Stafford’s Spacesuit

This spacesuit was worn by astronaut Thomas Stafford in 1968/69 while training for the Apollo 10 mission. The Apollo spacesuits, the most iconic of all time, were known as Extravehicular Mobility Units (EMU’S) and were designed to protect astronauts from the main dangers in space: extreme temperatures, depressurization, radiation and micrometeoroids. The spacesuit includes a one-piece undergarment that contains over 300 feet of plastic tubing which serves as a cooling and ventilation system. All suit functions were monitored and regulated from a control box mounted on the astronauts chest. The suits’ backpack provided up to eight hours of oxygen. Designed and produced by ILC Dover, this was the 7th design submitted and finally accepted for lunar use. The spacesuit and backpack together weighed 183 pounds on Earth – but only one-sixth of that on the Moon. The spacesuit consisted of 18 layers of various materials, rubber, nylon, mylar, dacron and teflon coated betacloth.