The Clean Room

Re-Created Clean Room So Visitors Can See How The Lunar Modules Were Built- Only Museum to Showcase

Each Lunar Module was built inside a  special “Clean Room” at Grumman. This was a white, sterile room where the workers building the LMs wore special white suits. This was so they not get any dirt or dust inside the spacecraft. Unlike aircraft, the LM’s were not produced on an assembly line. Each one was handmade, one at a time like a fine violin. Many intricate parts were hand cut from solid blocks. In all, it took 2 1/2 years to build each Lunar Module, and altogether Grumman built 12 operational LMs.

Each completed LM was carefully flown to Cape Kennedy, Florida, loaded inside the giant Saturn V rocket and launched to the moon.

An exciting exhibit, unique to this museum, may be seen in the Spacelight Gallery – a full-scale re-created Bethpage Clean Room, incorporating life-like mannequins of workers and many actual parts waiting to be installed. Thus visitors may see how moon ships were meticulously bult, something they cannot see anywhere else on Earth. 

On display is the LTA-1, the first fully functional LM, built for testing on Earth, It is displayed without skin and legs, as it appeared while under construction at Grumman.

You can view the skin of aluminum using titanium for the fuel tanks only. the hatch way’s origina shape was round but was redesigned as a square to accommodate egress and ingress due to the astronauts backpack shape.

The LTA-1 is on loan from, and the LM was donated by, the National Air & Space Museum