About Project Apollo

Project Apollo gave us an incredible amount of new scientific knowledge. It was also of tremendous inspirational value, and it gave America a great deal of national pride.

Only Americans have walked on the moon. If we can send men to the moon, we can do almost anything we really want to.

In all, twelve astronauts have left their boot prints on the moon, and they brought back nearly a thousand pounds of rocks that proved up to be up to 4.6 billion years old.

But Apollo brought home something else very important to us, a new appreciation for the beauty and fragility of planet earth a it sails through space.

For the first time, we saw our own blue planet through a space travelers eye and camera- a beautiful oasis in the vast blackness of space. We now realized that only by fully understanding our planet can we learn how to preserve its limited natural resources. We must preserve our island in space for future generations.

– Josh Stoff, Museum Curator