About the Apollo Exhibit

The Cradle of Aviation has one of the most extensive collections of Apollo and Lunar Module artifacts in the world. The passion and pride the museum has for Apollo is evident throughout the exhibit and throughout the museum.

  • Stand next to an original Lunar Module designed and built by Long Island Grumman engineers.(1 of 3 still on earth.)
  • Get close to the original Lunar Module Simulator – all Apollo Astronauts trained on at Kennedy Space Center.
  • Visit a full scale re-creation of the “Clean Room at Grumman” which includes an actual uncompleted Lunar Module with parts waiting to be installed.
  • See an Object that Has Been to the Moon on Every Apollo Mission.
  • Look at the largest Collection of Apollo Artifacts on Display.
  • Engage with Docents & Volunteers Who Worked on Lunar Module.
  • Get up close to the only original Apollo Spacesuit on exhibit in the New York area.
  • View one-of-a-kind models showing the complete evolution of the Grumman Lunar Module.
  • World’s best collection of original Lunar Module Parts.
  • Weave the past & future of space together with our immersive new exhibit “Space: A Journey to Our Future” that reflects on the past and looks to the future of space travel.
  • See a real Moon Rock.
  • Sit in a Gemini Capsule replica.