Moon Fest 7/20 – Schedule of Events

Activity Descriptions Below – Updated 7/16/19 (subject to change) Contact with questions.

Apollo 50th Anniversary Activity Descriptions

Astronaut Glove Challenge Working in space can be a really hard! There’s less gravity which makes everything fly around and you still have to work with expensive tools to get your job done. Participate in this challenge by acting as an astronaut to try and complete several different tasks (like picking up and stacking pennies) while wearing space gloves.

Make a Moon Footprint/Boot Do you know when you go to the beach and your flip flops leave little footprints in the sand? Well when Neil Armstrong and the other astronauts went to the Moon, they left footprints too! Using our mold, make your own moon boot for exploration.

Water Rockets Grab your gear and blast off! Make your own bottle water rocket ready for flight right outside the Museum. Decorate your spacecraft with fins and decals before setting it on the launch pad and watching it soar!

Race to the Moon: Apollo at 50 (walking tour in Space Gallery) In 1969 the world watched Neil Armstrong land on the Moon. It was a moment of ingenuity, pride, and the American spirit. Join our educator as they tell the story of Long Island’s role in this historic mission and all the Apollo missions.

Moon Buggy Explorers Take a ride on the Moon! Move around the Space Gallery in our motorized buggy. As you navigate throughout the space try to collect some lunar ‘rocks’ to bring back home for a souvenir of your big trip to space! 

Digitarium – Summer Sky Space is a big place! Astronauts can use the stars to help them navigate and being away from the Earth’s atmosphere, they can see them almost all the time! Step into our portable planetarium to learn all about some of the cool stars and their stories that you can find in your backyard tonight.

Digitarium – Moon Voyagers If you think you might be the first vacationer to the Moon or the next astronaut there, it’s important to know what our neighbor is all about! Learn about the Moon by investigating its surfaces, flashback to the same day as the Apollo 11 landing, and fly to the next astronaut destination – Mars!

Astronaut Landers & Heat Shield Testers Do you have what it takes to land on the Moon? What about getting the astronauts back to Earth?! Test your skills to engineer your own lunar lander and see if your ‘astronaut’ lands on its target destination. Got that mission complete? Move on to their trip home to design, create, and test your vehicle for astronaut safety. From the Moon to the splashdown your mission will be complete!